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The process from the seed to your kitchen

The Seeds

We select the seeds of the finest plants every season. By doing this, we ensure a continuous progress of the quality of each new harvest. The seeds are germinated in seedbeds before being planted in the fields.

The Plantation

At the beginning of May, the germinated seeds are planted in the fields. To ensure that every single plant absorbs enough nutrients and water to produce healthy and good peppers, we leave a space of 40 centimetres between them.

The Harvest

During the farming course, we monitor the growth of the peppers and their maturation to obtain a greater quality. Peppers are harvested when they reach their optimal maturation point, by the end of August. Since not all the peppers reach this stage at the same time, the harvest is a spaced-out process that can take up to three weeks.

The Drying

We dry our harvest in a traditional drying room, located in our farm, with the smoke of holm oak. This wood is very dense, allowing a slow and continuous combustion. The drying room is horizontally separated by a wooden net. The peppers are placed across the superior compartment, after which controlled bonfires are placed underneath so that smoke ascends vertically, drying the harvest. We manually stir the peppers every day to achieve a homogeneous result, for 15 days, until they hold just a 7% of water content.

The Mill

Once peppers are smoke-dried, we remove the stems and grind the dried pulp. We push the peppers through the mill up to eight times to achieve an excellent granulation of the final product. Our mill is solely used to grind our harvest of dried peppers, ensuring our paprika is free from traces of other raw materials, such as gluten from wheat.