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The present General Selling Conditions regulate all the relations between the business PIMENTÓN LA RISTRA and its online clients ‘The Client’.


Before making any transaction, the client must acknowledge to know and declare to accept these conditions.


1. Particular selling conditions


The client acknowledges knowing, at the time of placing an order, the particular selling conditions specified on the screen (name, price, components, weight, quantity, colour, details of the product, etc.) and expressly declares to accept them without any reservation. The acceptance of the particular selling conditions is only applicable to the order.

2. The order


The client places the order by clicking on the “add to cart” button. The order is added to a total price that gathers all the items confirmed by the client when clicking the button “I accept the General selling Terms and Conditions”.


The automated registry systems of Pimentón La Ristra serve as a justification of the nature, content and time of the order. The client must print, sign and send – either by post or an electronic certified platform – to Pimentón La Ristra any order above €500 (including VAT) displayed on the screen. Besides, the client must attach the present Term and Conditions, signed indicating the date next to it. Otherwise, any orders above this value will not be processed and will not be legally binding.


3. Confirmation of the order


Pimentón La Ristra can confirm the acceptance of the order through email, fax or post mail. The selling will not be finalized until Pimentón La Ristra confirms the order.


Pimentón La Ristra reserves the right to decline the confirmation of an order for any reason, such as stock availability, a problem related to the order placed (i.e. wrong address information), an abnormal order or a foreseen problem regarding the delivery. Pimentón La Ristra will notify the client in any of these eventualities.


The client will not be able to place a new order until the payment for the previous has been executed or this order has been cancelled. In addition to this, the property of the items of the order will not be shipped until the payment has been received or secured.


4. Delivery conditions


The client will choose the place and the date to be delivered the order by indicating so when placing the order. Pimentón La Ristra reserves the right to use any necessary means to deliver the order at the address specified by the client. The orders will only be shipped to the European Union, EEA and Switzerland. Shipments to Outermost Regions (OMR) of the European Union: if any, the client agrees to pay any duty expenses.



5. Delivery timeframe


Deliveries within Spain (excl. the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands) will take place in no more than 8 working days. Delivery for orders placed and payed before 16:00 (CET) from Spain will be attempted on the next working day by Correos Express ES.


Deliveries to the rest of the EU, EEA and Switzerland will take place in no more than 21 working days. Items placed and payed before 16:00 (CET) from any of these territories (excl. EU OMR) will be shipped on the same day.


6. Shipping costs


Shipping costs to Spain and Portugal (excl. the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, the Azores and Madeira) for any cart above €34.99 (including VAT) (excluding shipping costs) and under 30 Kg will not be charged to the client, otherwise it will have a cost of €4.99 (including VAT).


Shipping costs to the other territories mentioned in point 4, otherwise it will have a cost of €20.99 (including VAT). The minimum order must be €30 (including VAT) (excluding shipping costs) for deliveries to these territories.


When placing an order, the client agrees to sign the reception sheet presented by the delivery driver, which can include any observation. By signing the reception sheet, the client acknowledges having received the number of parcels indicated on the former. If the client observes damaged products or is missing them, it will need to raise a complaint to the Service for Client Support by email (info@ristrasdelavera.es), by post mail or phone call (+34 661 083 724 // +34 927 460 086) to PIMENTON LA RISTRA no later than 15 days upon reception of the order.


Any eventuality, such as force majeure, disaster, catastrophe, union strike, administrative decision, or any other that delays, hampers or prevents the delivery constitutes an express clause for the obligations of PIMENTON LA RISTRA to expire, without any compensation for the client if the eventuality persists for more than 15 days. In these circumstances, the client will be exempted from any obligation regarding the order.


PIMENTON LA RISTRA will notify the client through any adequate means and the same day that the eventuality arises for the client to cancel the order by contacting PIMENTON LA RISTRA once notified.


When the delivery of ordered items to the client cannot be accomplished because of the latter, PIMENTON LA RISTRA reserves the right to charge the client €15 (incl. VAT) in concept of managing expenses.


7. Courier company


Deliveries will be carried out, preferentially and subject to service availability, by Correos Express ES for deliveries to Spain & Portugal, during normal office hours.


 8. Price


All prices are indicated in euros (€) and include VAT. The price billed to the client is the price indicated during the confirmation of the order sent by PIMENTON LA RISTRA. The payment of items and services will be made by debit or credit card through a secure pathway in the server of our provider (Redyss); or by direct bank transfer. The charge on debit and credit cards will be effective 2 days after the acceptance of the order by PIMENTON LA RISTRA. PIMENTON LA RISTRA will hold the property of the items purchased by the client until the latter has payed the total price for them.


9. Product datasheet


The photographs displayed for each product are facilitated to the client as an indicative fact. The text next to them describe the information of the parcels and the instructions of use and expiration dates. The differences between the items that the client receives and the photographs can only be minimal and will not affect the essential characteristics of the products.


10. Payment conditions


Ordered items will be delivered after being payed by the client by credit or debit card (Master Card, Visa, American Express, JCB) or direct bank transfer, in euros (€).

11. Safety of private information (National Commission for Informatics and Freedom)


PIMENTON LA RISTRA is obliged to protect the client’s private information. Personal data collected during the client’s connection to the commercial website will only be used to deal with the order. We will not sell, let or disclose the client’s personal data to any person who is not related to processing the order or any third-parties.

12. Requested information


When placing any order on the website www.pimentonlaristra.es, the client agrees that PIMENTON LA RISTRA uses its details, given by the client itself or gathered through the functioning of the site. These details (name, address, email, card number, etc.) are necessary to process the order.


13. Security of personal data


The placement of the order, containing the client’s personal information, is made through a secure server. The security programme SSL encodes and encrypts all the information written before this is sent to PIMENTON LA RISTRA. All message communications are also protected against any non-authorised third-party attempted access.


14. Guarantee


The client will be protected, by the legal guarantee, from any corrupted or compromised hidden issue in the purchased items. All products manufactured by PIMENTON LA RISTRA are designed and elaborated with extreme care. However, the legal guarantee will not be valid if damages are due to an improper handling, lack of maintenance or improper storage conditions by the client. The client must read the instructions and recommendations of where and how to keep the products.


15. Right to send the goods back and Right of Retraction.


The client has the right to desist the present contract in 14 days without justification. This time limit will end 14 days after the client or an authorised thir-party acquires the possession of the goods.


To exert the Right of Retraction, the client will notify PIMENTON LA RISTRA by post mail or email, indicating personal details, its decision of desist the contract in an unambiguous statement, signed and dated. If notified by post mail, the envelope must show the date on an official stamp, otherwise this will not be valid.


Consequences of retraction. In case the client decides to desist of the contract, PIMENTON LA RISTRA will refund the payment received, including the shipping costs, in no more than 14 working days from the day that the client notifies this decision. PIMENTON LA RISTRA will refund the amount paid by the client using the same payment method that the client used to place the order, unless the client wishes to receive the refund by other available means.


PIMENTON LA RISTRA can temporarily halt the refund until the items have been received back or until the client presents a proof of delivering the goods back.


The client must return or send the goods to the following address: Pimentón La Ristra, 14 Calle Clavel, Jaraiz de La Vera, 10400, Spain, in no more than 14 days since the notification of the decision to retract.


The client must assume the cost for the return of the items.


If the client is responsible for a decrease in the value of the goods due to their wrong manipulation, altering the original characteristics of the goods, the client will be refunded only a proportion of the original value after PIMENTON LA RISTRA assesses the new value of the items.


16. Intellectual property


PIMENTÓN LA RISTRA owns the intellectual property rights of its website. The client will not copy and/or download any content of PIMENTON LA RISTRA’s website without prior consent.


17. Contact Pimentón La Ristra


The client can contact Pimentón La Ristra using the following details:


Address: Pimentón La Ristra. 14 Calle Clavel – Jaraíz de la Vera, 10400, Spain
Phone: +34 927 460 086 // +34 661 083 724
E-mail: info@ristrasdelavera.es
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